Elementary school bus runs in the Baldwinsville Central School District will be delayed by an hour Thursday due to a bus-by-bus dismissal of Ray Middle School students, who went on a lockout because of an emergency at nearby residence, the district announced.

Dismissal at Baker High School and Durgee Junior High School will also be delayed due to the safety precaution, the district said.

"The lockout is a precautionary measure based on recommendations from local law enforcement. All students are safe and the lockout is for precautionary measures," a district statement says.

Van Buren Road is closed between Maple and Ellsworth roads, according to the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, which said its SWAT team is on the scene for a person in crisis in a home on Van Buren Road near the middle school.

Ray Middle School students who walk or are driven from school will be bused to C.W. Baker High School for pick up.