The Town of Newburgh filed a lawsuit against The Crossroads Hotel on Friday, hours after about 15 migrants arrived Friday morning at the Newburgh hotel, bringing the approximate total of asylum seekers in it to between 60 and 70, a source told Spectrum News 1.

The suit alleges New York City Mayor Eric Adams unilaterally relocated migrants to the area without consulting local municipalities and town codes, the hotel is not operating within the codes and certificate of occupancy issued for the site, and has started or completed converting the hotel to a long-term residential facility.

"The Town is seeking a temporary, preliminary, and permanent restraint and injunction against the Crossroads Hotel because the evidence conclusively demonstrates that the Hotel has negotiated, or contracted, with an out-of-County municipality to essentially modify the Hotel into what is otherwise an infirmary for migrant overflow from the City," the suit states.

It asks the court to direct the property to stop accepting occupants from New York City and return them to New York City.

The suit adds to a flurry of litigation this week surrounding what Gov. Kathy Hochul called a "crisis," and one local leader labeled a "disaster."

Rockland and Orange county executives declared emergency orders to block hotels from accepting migrants, and the New York Civil Liberties Union responded by filing a suit, calling the orders illegal.

The Town of Orangetown in Rockland County this week filed a lawsuit, asserting the Armoni Inn and Suites would violate local laws if it chose to house “non-transient guests.” A state Supreme Court judge issued a temporary restraining order barring the site in Orangeburg, a hamlet of Orangetown, from housing any migrants.

Amid the legal wrangling in Orange County, work has begun for nonprofits and other organizations to assist in getting supplies and services to the migrants.

Rene Mejia, a lead organizer for grassroots advocacy group For The Many, said he’ll work to organize donations to get the new arrivals toiletries, clothing and other necessities. Mejia said the vitriol some of them have faced is disappointing.

Part of assisting the new arrivals will include educating the wider community, he said.

“As long as we not just educate folks, but show them what they're protesting or what they're against, you know, they may change how they view things,” Mejia said.

Also on Friday, New York's 19th District Rep. Marc Molinaro joined fellow Republican Rep. Mike Lawler and Democrat Rep. Pat Ryan to call for the Biden administration to declare a state of emergency.

Molinaro said the federal government needs to step in and assist New York with what has unfolded.

“What a federal declaration would do, would be able to provide the federal resources necessary to assist the city of New York in dealing with the challenge they created by their determination," Molinaro said. "And so Congressman Ryan and I are calling on the president to take action.”

Town of Newburgh by Dennis Yusko on Scribd