It’s an issue facing far too many families in communities across the state. A lack of affordable housing has forced many into homelessness, putting stress on communities, and leaving thousands wondering what their next move will be. But the city of Binghamton has found a way to address the issue in part, and it's already providing a bit of light to one neighborhood.

"This is a beautiful home. And when you look at the workmanship that they put into houses like this 100 years ago, it's incredible,” said Jerry Willard, executive director, First Ward Action Council.

Piece by piece, a long forgotten about section of Binghamton is finally getting some help thanks in part to Willard. Crews are putting the finishing touches on a new affordable housing unit as part of an $8.4 million North of Main revitalization project.

Just one lot over, one of the six multi-family buildings being rehabilitated under the plan has opened its doors for the first time in years.

"There's a tremendous need now for housing. And there has been. There's apartments, upper-end apartments available at times. But for people who are working on limited incomes, people who are disabled or seniors, it's tough,” said Willard.

As he showed off a completely remodeled home that's now available for rent, Willard is working to meet a need, not just in Binghamton, but around the state, a lack of affordable housing.

Thank to funding from the state’s Homes and Community Renewal Program, that need is finally being addressed.

"For one thing, it's not a challenge to see what we can do and how far we could go,” said Willard.

Once completed, studio apartments will be $450 a month, with two bedrooms, $733 a month. Willard says it’s great to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s all been a challenge, but you’re doing something in the community. You’re doing something for the people. And, that's a good feeling,” said Willard.

At least one property on North Street is now available for rent, with most of the remaining units available by the end of April.