No natural snowfall is no problem for Bristol Mountain. With their ability to make their own snow, they're keeping skiers on the slopes all season long.

For skiers like 9-year-old Harper Swan, ski season is the best. But this year, the weather to ski wasn’t.

“I was pretty aggravated that there was no snow,” Swan said.

It’s been making practicing at home nearly impossible

“There was no skiing in our backyards at all,” she said.

But no snow is no problem at Bristol Mountain. Although New Yorkers may not have seen as much snow in their backyards this winter, the snow is always sticking there.

“Even though it’s been that rollercoaster, we’ve been able to have those colder temperatures where we can make snow and get a great quality snow on the hills for our skiers and snowboarders,” said Bristol Mountain vice president Steven Fuller.

“So we had at least some snow to ski on, so that’s pretty good,” said Swan.

This year Bristol Mountain was able to reach its goal of kicking off ski season in November. Now they’re working to reach its goal of staying open until April 2.

“We certainly expect that with the amount of snow that we have in the mountain and the amount of trails that are open, we’re certainly going to make that deadline,” Fuller said. “So we’re very excited to be able to ski into April this season.”

 Any amount of natural snowfall is helping them toward that goal.“Of course, this last March its been colder and more consistent than February,” Fuller said. “We’ve got more snow, colder temperatures and the skiing has been phenomenal.”

It’s been making all the difference for skiers like Harper and their growth this skiing season.

“Oh I’ve grown so much since last year,” said Swan. “Last year I was struggling. It was my first year so I was struggling pretty hard. People should not give up. I know a lot of people say that but it’s really important.”

It’s a belief that motivates skiers in even the mildest winters.