Education advocates are calling on school districts to make sure older students aren't left behind by the pandemic.

Advocates for Children of New York joined more than 100 other groups across the state in calling for the New York State Board of Regents and Department of Education to give older students who would otherwise age out of the system the chance to return to school next year. 

The group says older students, especially in low-income environments, have struggled greatly because of the transition to remote learning.

One advocate we spoke to says not giving older students a chance to earn their high school degrees because they aged out during a pandemic would be unfair.

"For those older students, the pandemic has been particularly rough. Many young people have lost family members, students are working much more to bring income into their homes. And so, we're very worried about students who are in their very last year of school eligibility who are struggling to engage in school remotely or make progress in school remotely," said Ashley Grant of Advocates for Children of New York.

According to Advocates for Children of New York, roughly 2,000-3,000 students each year graduate after their sixth year of high school.