Last month, we told you about Onondaga County's plan for a business park in Clay and how they plan to buy homes to make room for it. Those homeowners are now fighting back.

A large amount of vacant land on Route 31 has been owned by the county for 20 years. They want to create White Pine Commerce Park, and need more land to make it happen.

Twenty-four residents on nearby Burnet Road have been called or received letters from the county, asking for them to sell their homes. They are forming a petition to try and block the county's plans.

County Executive Ryan McMahon said Monday that he supports the land acquisitions and hopes to bring a high-tech manufacturing company to that spot.

"It is one of the best sites in North America for high tech manufacturing. It's not just because it's in Onondaga County — that's one of the reasons — but that's where your east and west and north and south of your electric utilities meet. So you have enough ability at that substation there to power a large city at that one substation," said McMahon.

McMahon added it's no secret that this has been in the works for the past decade.