It was only a few days ago when Johnson Park Center leaders found out a truck with 26 pallets of masks would be arriving.

Rev. Ursula Meier is the COO of the center.

"I had two days of preparation time to get everybody here and Mohawk Valley is great. People responded, word of mouth, and I am so glad people are coming today," Meier said.

The goal is to saturate the area with masks. Leaders from local agencies and organizations are helping with that.

Sonia Martinez is the Mohawk Valley Latino Association executive director.

"With so many Latinos and African Americans being affected by this pandemic, I thought it would be a great source to get free masks to the community," Martinez said.

The Johnson Park Center reaches out to those communities too.

Martinez said language barriers can make distributing PPE a challenge.

Social media helps.

"When we receive information from local officials in regards to the pandemic we're very quick about putting the information in all those different languages but I don't think it's enough. Not everyone has access to social media," said Martinez.

"We have to learn to be considerate again. That's really what the facemasks is all about. It cannot be the 'Me me me. I. What I want to do.' Let's be considerate to each other," said Meier.

Reverend Meier said the center needs more facemasks for children.

Masks will also be given away at two events next week.