Like many kids Morgan Scott likes to make sweet snacks in the kitchen with her mom. But unlike many 6 year olds, Morgan is the CEO of her own sweets company Very Berry Munch.

What You Need To Know

  • When Morgan Scott's mom noticed how much sugar was in her snacks, she decided to make her own sweets

  • Morgan's eye was set on the business side, so it was her idea to create Very Berry Munch

  • Morgan is working hard to expander her inventory as she redefines what it means to be a "junior" executive

“I cut up the strawberries and I put them in the blender and mix,” the budding executive said.

Morgan’s mom, Marie, is a nurse and said that when she saw the amount of sugar in her kids’ snacks she wanted to bake a better option.

"Obesity is very prevalent in our community and that’s something I want to change for myself and also stop for my children, so that’s why we make our own things," Scott said.

While Marie’s goal was to create healthy and organic lemonade, fruit roll ups and jam for her kids, Morgan’s eyes were set on the business side of things and she decided to bring her products to local pop-up shops.

"That first pop-up she did was amazing we sold out in like 30 minutes and we had a lot of treats," Marie said.

As the business has taken off, Morgan’s mom is working for her, as an employee of Very Berry Munch.

"She’s my boss and I’m not trying to get into anything with her. She has a very strong mind about what she wants and how she wants her products to look," Marie said. "She's very particular."

If you had any question about whether being a 6-year-old CEO is a difficult task, just watch Morgan work. From strawberry inspections to blending, and spreading, Marie said the boss specializes in quality control. Morgan makes some really important decisions on her own.

"Anything with strawberries in it, Morgan has to try to make sure it’s up to her standard because I’m allergic,” Marie said. “She’s on it.”

But when you’re “on it” as a kid CEO, you are sometimes reminded that you’re still just 6-years-old.

“I fell asleep on the job before,” said Morgan.

Luckily for Morgan, she has an employee to cover her shift during nap times.

And if you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur, no matter how old you are, Morgan says there are three special ingredients to succeeding in the business: Work hard and “be brave and nice to people.”