Students and parents are the only ones taking the field in Fulton this fall. The district canceled fall sports, and families want their voices heard.

What You Need To Know

  • Fulton postponed fall sports until spring

  • Many students and parents say they should be able to play now like neighboring schools

  • Families are worried about the social and emotionally wellbeing of students

“My sport was canceled, not canceled but postponed, a long time ago, so I’m not here for that," said Sam May, a Fulton senior who participates in football, wrestling and baseball. "I’m here for all the other sports like golf and tennis and volleyball. I don’t think they had any business being canceled completely.”

May says he was mentally prepared to not play football this fall, but many of his friends and neighbors were caught off guard this week.

“It’s sad to see our children miss out on another thing that they’ve had to deal with in the pandemic,” said Beth Nicholson, a Fulton parent.  

Families are protesting the district’s decision to cancel all fall sports. Friday, the superintendent backtracked; with more schools to compete against, fall sports are postponed until spring. May says he’s grateful.

“I would say thank you for taking the time to listen to us and not retaliating," said May.

Many parents, like Nicholson, still want sports to begin next week.

According to the state education department, more than 60 percent of Fulton students are economically disadvantaged. Nicholson says sports give many students a reason to keep their grades up.

“It’s their one thing in life that they have to look forward to to get out of a home that may be circumstances that are something that we don’t even want to think about,” said Nicholson.

So about 100 people took to the field Friday night, asking for a chance to play on it.