The Buy Black 30 Challenge is asking people to only patronize black-owned businesses for one month. Co-founder Dorissa White says it's another way everyone can support the current push for social equality.

What You Need To Know

  • The challenge can be executed in 4 phases

  • The movement was sparked by the current civil unrest

  • There are more than 400 businesses listed on Instagram at @buyblack30

"Black businesses get denied for loans at five times the rate of mainstream businesses," she says.

The challenge is designed to ease you into the habit of purchasing from black-only retailers through four phases. First, black-owned restaurants and grocery stores; second, retail and beauty essential stores; third, black-owned subscriptions and entertainment; and lastly, booking only black-owned spa services, like hair and nails.

"So you don't have to go cold turkey on mainstream buying, just follow the phases and slowly incorporate," White adds.

It's also made for anyone who wants to make a statement against inequality.

"So, if any allies out there want to know how to help, Phase 1 is the most important," White says.

Dale Davidson, owner of Umana's Restaurant and Wine Bar in Albany, is counting on support from the whole community, especially now.

"To even open the doors in the restaurant industry is very challenging," Davidson admits.

Davidson says the concept behind the Buy Black 30 challenge falls right in line with the ethos of her restaurant.

"Umana Yana means meeting place for all people ... I understood there was need in the community for something diverse ... Something that would reflect me most importantly," says Davidson.

That's the ultimate mission of the 30-day challenge.

"We're hoping that black businesses really get the support they need and get the funding they need to expand," White says.

They are hoping the movement catches on in all 50 states. For a full list of black-owned retailers, and to add your business, visit Instagram pages @BuyBlack30 and @518LoveWhereYouLive.