Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday announced a pair of executive orders designed to expand antibody testing and requirements that essential workers wear face masks in order to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The death toll over the last 24 hours continued to rise in New York, with 758 people dying from the virus, capping five straight days of more than 700 deaths each day in the state.

The total death toll in New York now stands at 9,385 people.

Still, signs continued this weekend that social distancing measures were effective in preventing the further spread of the virus as the rate of hospitalizations has decline and patients being intubated or placed in intensive care units have over three days leveled off.

Cuomo’s executive order will require employers to provide essential workers with cloth or surgical masks when interacting with the public.

The directive will include a wide swath of workers, including transit workers, grocery clerks and others who have not been subject to the order that non-essential businesses be shuttered over the last several weeks.

At the same time, Cuomo will issue an order to further expand authorization for conducting antibody testing.

The governor has said New York will need to conduct mass testing in order to begin a slow re-opening fo the state’s economy.

Cuomo wants a regional approach with neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut considering the overlapping economic interests in the metropolitan region — a sentiment that will also govern when schools can re-open their doors.

“We are a regional economy,” Cuomo said.