Virtually every voter on June 23 will be able to receive an absentee ballot in New York, as Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration will move through executive order to expand the narrow criteria for accessing one.

Cuomo made the announcement on Wednesday as elections commissioners in the state and lawmakers push to have the absentee ballot criteria expanded.

The move also comes after Wisconsin’s primary went forward on Tuesday amid the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not yet determined if the state will open polling locations in June.

Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, a Bronx Democrat backing the absentee ballot expansion move, praised Cuomo’s announcement, though noted the language of the executive order was yet to be released.

“We saw on Tuesday night in Wisconsin the exact opposite of what good public health policy dictates, and we will need all the time we can get to make sure local boards of election are prepared to handle what I expect to be a huge volume of new absentee ballot applications,” Dinowitz said.

“I have not seen the final language of the relevant Executive Order, but I expect that it will be very consistent with the language my legislation used in order to remain consistent with our New York State Constitution. As June 23 rapidly approaches, I hope that local Boards of Election quickly start to prepare and make clear what they need to successfully operate all primary and special elections for Congress, the New York State Legislature, political party positions, and any special elections. Nobody should be denied participation in our electoral process due to fear about personal or public health as a result of the coronavirus.”

Cuomo had previously moved New York’s presidential primary from April 28 to June 23, the same day as primary races for congressional and state legislative campaigns. Also being held that day are closely watched special elections for a state Senate seat in the Syracuse area and a western New York congressional district.

New York has relatively narrow reasons for qualifying for an absentee ballot. Cuomo’s order is expected to expand absentee ballot criteria to include those who could contract coronavirus as a reason for receiving a ballot.

Changing the state to a vote-by-mail system would require a constitutional amendment.