When you think of "essential workers" you may think of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, but Deputy Commissioner Ann Fordock says there’s another invisible worker protecting the city during the pandemic.

Fordock of the Department of Public Works says sanitation workers wake up early to make sure trash is off the street, minimizing health concerns in the community.  

She says while sanitation workers are safer because there aren’t school busses or as many cars to compete with on the roads, there are still some steps the community can take to make sure they’re safe from invisible dangers.

"You can actually wash or sanitize the handles of your trash cans and your recycling bins. So any part we think they would grab whether it be the lid or the handles, you can spray them down with the cleanser you're using around the house to keep your family safe," said Fordock.

Fordock says if you want to show thanks to sanitation workers, the best way to show your appreciation while honoring the six-foot social distancing rule is taping a photo to your trash bag or putting up notes and photos in your window.