78 medical transportation companies across the state were transporting groups of people instead of one person at a time, according to the Attorney General. 15 of those companies were here in Syracuse.

“It’s possible that they were totally unaware of the regulation. IT’s possible that they had no idea that they were mandated to practice social distancing. Or it’s possible that they wanted to take advantage of the market,” said Attorney General Letitia James.

Investigators at the AG’s office witnessed 91 instances of these group transports. The office is monitoring what companies in the state are complying with current statewide mandates, thus finding companies like these.

All of the customers involved in these transports are Medicaid users.

“I want everyone to know that if in fact these companies refuse to comply, we will seek temporary restraining orders and if they still refuse to comply we will seek criminal prosecution,” said James.

The AG says one-third of the companies sent cease and desist letters by her office have agreed to comply. The AG office declined to release the names of the companies.