Warning: The video in this story contains strong language.

A video of a manager in Rome mistreating his employee has gone viral.

In the video, Jason Deshane of Liquor Warehouse was seen threatening Kayla Lorenzoni. The duration of the video was 14 minutes. The Rome Police Department is investigating the video and has already taken some action by removing guns from the home.

Lorenzoni says this all started after she asked Deshane a question that made him upset. Deshane's father and owner of the store, Michael Deshane, tried to let Lorenzoni go after the incident. That's when Deshane threaten Lorenzoni.

Rome police say the verbal threats are a violation of the New York State red flag law. The law prevents people who show signs of being a threat to themselves or others from purchasing or possessing any firearms.

A temporary extreme risk protection order was issued by a Supreme Court justice, which allowed police to remove dozens of firearms from the Deshane's home.

Local residents are disgusted by the video, especially those who went to Liquor Warehouse. Tina Boncella says no one should be treated that way and Deshane should be reprimanded.

"I just can't believe somebody would be able to do that to somebody else,” said Boncella. “It was not only not professional, but he was threatening her. And just the fact his father would let him do that, who is the owner, it was more than shocking."

Boncella says she doesn't plan on going back to the store and she's not the only one. Many people are writing bad reviews and complaints.

There is also a petition going around asking to sell or close the business. There are more than 1,100 signatures.