Tiffany Gratien reads to her kids every night. For the last week, that's her three children and many of the 17 students in her kindergarten class.

"It happened so quickly and it's brought us closer,” said Graiten. “They look forward to seeing me at night, in my bathrobe. And they look forward to listening to the different stories."

It started on a snow day. Mrs. Gratien sat on her couch, pulled out one of her favorite books, grabbed her phone, and read to her class on Facebook Live.

Across town, Indaria Jones and her daughter tune in every time.

"There are people like the Miss Gratiens of the world changing the world one student at a time," said Jones.

Mrs. Gratien hasn't altered her nightly routine. She's just inviting more people into her family's home, and the students' parents appreciate it.

"You know you can just tell when someone really loves what they do and when they are whole themselves and able to give to others because their cup is running over," said Jones.

Mrs. Gratien has a Facebook page for her class's parents. Usually she shares updates about lesson plans and pictures of what they did in school that day.

The teacher says she saw a Facebook post from the Baldwinsville superintendent that sparked her first story. She says she's going to continue reading to her class on weeknights for the foreseeable future.