The New York National Guard on Friday was deployed to New York City airports, and public safety and emergency response agencies tightened security at infrastructure points, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.

The developments come after the killing of top Iranian military official General Qassem Soleimani, in a U.S. drone strike ordered by President Donald Trump, leading to heightened tensions in the Middle East.

“Recent international events are understandably causing some anxiety, and while New York has not received any direct threats, out of an abundance of caution I am directing National Guard and state agencies to increase security and step up patrols at our most critical facilities,” Cuomo said.

He continued, “We have the best emergency response personnel in the country. We are prepared for any situation that’s thrown our way and will continue to communicate any pertinent information to local governments and to the general public to ensure everyone is safe.”

The State Police have issued a counter-terrorism briefing to law enforcement agencies statewide. The Department of Public Service has been in contact with utilities to increase cyber and physical security. The MTA has also taken security steps, as has the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.

The State Division of Homeland Security’s Cyber Incident Response Team has coordinated with the State Intelligence Center to urge public and private partners to exercise heightened awareness and continued vigilance in their daily duties, as well as report any suspicious cyber activity via their established reporting mechanisms.

The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services will also be reviewing all vulnerability assessments and contacting appropriate agencies and businesses as needed.