In the season of giving, people share gifts and spread joy to one another, and as a result, leave the earth with the gift of garbage.

"We're at a crisis moment in our history, in regards to our environment and even if someone doesn't believe that, improving the environment is always a good thing," said Steven Williams of Mainstream Green.

In the gift giving season, members of Mainstream Green say they encourage re-gifting.

“Whatever you can find that you have already use and reuse it and find new ways to use it, it's a good way to save money and save the planet,” said Dana Johnston, the founder of Mainstream Green.

Between wrapping paper and single use plastics, they say the holidays can be a time of excess waste. But they say there are ways to save the environment, and it can take one small act by many people.

“Encourage people to make very small lifestyle changes that in the aggregate will go a long way in saving our environment,” said Williams.

These changed include things you can buy and things you can do.

“You might want to take your leftovers home this is a silicone bag, you can freeze it, you can microwave, you can take it home and it's not plastic,” said Johnston.

“The best thing for the environment is to reuse the trees,” said Mainstream Green President Joseph Chiaranza Jr. “Put them out for the birds to enjoy them or put them out in your yard.”

If you're wondering what other steps you can take right now to protect the environment, you can help by turning off your car when it’s in park.

“You help our environment if when you're waiting in your car at Dunkin Donuts, you turn your car off,” said Williams.

Mainstream Green wants you to know, saving the planet is a give and take process.

“You save money and you save gas. Every effort counts,” said Williams.