Let's talk trash. Yes, trash.

When your bag is full, you probably put it in the can, roll it to the street, and bring it back later that day. But between you taking it out and getting it back, a sanitation worker has a big and dangerous job to do.

According to a study found in USA Today, sanitation work is in the top five most dangerous jobs. But there are things people do that makes the job harder, leaving sanitation workers feeling unseen.

"They come up on a sanitation truck or any truck and they don't look at the human factor. They believe it's an extension of the truck," said sanitation driver John Sperry. 

Sanitation workers say loose glass in bags, heavy trash bags, loose garbage, and speedy drivers are a few of the things that make their job more dangerous.

"There's road dangers, there's hazards because of traffic, erratic driving, things like that," said Ann Fordock, first deputy commissioner of Syracuse Department of Public Works.

She suggests putting glass in a hard container and labeling it "sharps," and visiting the OCRRA website with questions about the proper disposal of other trash.

Sanitation workers recalled injuries from needle pricks and cars pinning workers between the truck and their car and say these injuries affect more than just their work.

"An injury like that to say a laborer that's working it's a full recovery of six months that they can be out. These guys are working are living paycheck to paycheck," said Rinaldi.

They say, they get it, you have places to go.

"We know people have places to go, we just need to get home safely to our families," said Rinaldi.