Echoing recommendations from the NTSB, state and federal lawmakers have been calling for new laws that would require new limousines to come with lap and shoulder belts for every seat. But, limo companies say new vehicles are equipped with seat belts.

"I don't know of any limousine company or any limousine builder that isn't putting in seat belts into the new vehicles," said Kevin Barwell, Limousine Bus and Taxi Operators of Upstate New York president.

Barwell points out the limo that crashed in Schoharie last October was nearly 20 years old and technology has changed over the last two decades.

"I think the seat belts in the new vehicles is what the federal governments really need to look at before making their recommendations," Barwell said.

In addition, Barwell says this only improves safety if passengers use it. The board also recommended the state enforce requiring passengers in all vehicles buckle up. 

"You can ask them to put it on. You can hope they're going to use it, but you can't force somebody to do that," Barwell said.

The report also recommends the National Limo Association educate limo operators on the lifesaving benefits of proper seat belt use, and develop methods to encourage passengers to use them. Barwell says this is something they would do. 

"The chauffeurs, bus drivers, or the limousine drivers would get into the vehicle and say 'hey we're just going to go over some of the regulations of the vehicles and some of the safety features,'" Barwell said.