The trial of an alleged killer in the Southern Tier began on Tuesday.

Former Binghamton University student Orlando Tercero is standing trial in his home country of Nicaragua. Witnesses are in Broome County and are testifying from the Broome County District Attorney’s Office via a video stream.

It comes after the United States was denied extradition, as the U.S. and Nicaragua do not have a formal extradition agreement.

Tercero is accused of killing Haley Anderson in March 2018. She was found dead in her boyfriend's Oak Street apartment in Binghamton. Tercero fled to Nicaraguam where authorities there denied his extradition, but are trying the case.

At the time of the murder, Chief Joe Zikuski described the two as having an “on again, off again relationship.”

Days after the murder, a grand jury charged Tercero with Anderson’s death.

On day one, the prosecution described the killing as a crime of jealousy. What started off as an informal dating relationship between two nursing students quickly turned possessive.

Two of Anderson's roomates testified that Tercero was controlling, often fighting with Haley. That's why they became worried when she wasn't answering her phone one March morning.

When one roommate used an app to track her phone, it pointed to the last place she'd expected, Tercero's apartment.

Coming upon locked doors, two of her friends entered through a window, and found her dead in his bed.

Not far from what was now a crime scene was a note from Tercero, apologizing to his family for what he'd done. He then called his sister in Nicaragua and told her he'd be home soon.

Friends of Anderson say the relationship had been rocky or a while.

Tercero allegedly slashed her tires following an argument at a party.

Anderson chose not to press charges, because she didn't want to ruin his chances of becoming a nurse.

Her father testified that Tercero wouldn't leave her alone, despite her trying to avoid him in school. 

If he's found guilty, Tercero could spend the rest of his life behind bars.