On the 11th floor of the Golisano Children’s Hospital, pizza and smiles were served up to patients and their families.

“I haven’t met anybody, really, who hasn’t been touched in some way by the children’s hospital, Their own kids, their grandkids, their neighbor’s kids, something,” said Pediatrics Chairman Dr. Gregory.

Celebrating 10 years since the first children walked through their doors for treatment, with better facilities to accommodate families.

“In the old hospital we were sort of making do, but now we have all kinds of amenities which is what families need to be able to do well, and to feel good about their stay at our hospital,” said Sue Carl, child life specialist.

“It’s been a great — not something that I would love to stay for — but it has been a great stay,” said Kayla Weigelt, who is the mother of one hospital patient.

Kayla and her son Matthew have been there since January, when he received his Leukemia diagnosis.

“The staff has been absolutely wonderful. Supportive, very helpful, very understanding, they will offer to take Matthew so I can have a nice relaxing shower, some alone time, they love interacting with him,” said Weigelt.

The staff at Golisano has made a tough stay an easier one.

“Yeah, oh yeah, they’re all great, and they all love kids and they have great bedside manner and we’ve been very blessed for this to be around,” said Ericka Bird, the mother of a hospital patient.

Ericka and her son Arlo have been there five weeks for his chemo and surgeries for Arlo’s brain cancer.

“It’s so great, I mean we still live an hour away, but that’s such a small amount compared to people have to get on planes for treatment,” said Bird.