Gavin is a typical 11-year-old. He likes spending time with his family during the summer in his hometown of Norwich.

“A little over a year ago we found out he had severe headaches,” said his mom Joella Cole.

That was when Gavin and his family discovered he has stage-four chronic kidney disease. It’s rare for children to have. 

“You don’t realize going to the hospital that that’s the kind of news you’ll get,” said Cole.

Ever since the discovery, the family has been making long trips to Philadelphia for treatment, which is the closest hospital specializing in children’s’ cases. The trips and visits started getting expensive, and Joella had to leave her job to take care of Gavin and the family full time.

“We try to just hope and pray that we can get through each visit and each hurdle that we’re jumping as it comes to us,” said Cole.

Now, he needs the gift of life: a kidney. His best shot is with a living donor.

“Deceased donor we can wait 18 months to three years, and then you don’t always know the complications, the history behind the deceased,” said Cole.

In his lifetime Gavin may need even more transplants to stay alive. Right now his family is just trying to clear this first hurdle.

“Knowing that our son has a chance at life, its indescribable,” said Cole.

For the time being the Coles will be packing up and moving to Pennsylvania.  They’ll be further from home, but closer, to treatment.

Go Fund Me is collecting money to help pay for medical costs.