The Syracuse community is mourning the loss of three children in a murder-suicide this past weekend. People who knew the family gathered at Berwyn Ave for a vigil.


"We’re just trying to keep each other held up,” said Melissa Mustafa, who taught two of the children. “We've been praying for the family...everyone is just devastated."

Three children who had special needs and were all under 10-years-old lost their lives Sunday. It is believed Ari, Maya, and John Ase's mother took her own life and her children's.

People who knew Crystal Savage couldn’t believe it.

"Her kids would get sick and she would get on the bus to come and pick these kids up if they were sick,” said Mustafa. “Or if they missed their bus in the morning she would get on the bus and take these kids to school and bring these kids to school in the morning."

"We had a conversation with Crystal that day and she was talking about just what was going on in her life and she seemed fine, she was smiling," said school worker Jacqueline Bean.

The pain of seeing children lose their lives strikes the core of every parent.

"I went home and I just grabbed my son and I held him a little bit tighter,” said Nitch Jones, who coordinated the vigil. “I started to cry because it hurt me because somebody is being affected by whatever trials of life are going on in their life."

In the midst of this tragedy people in the community are becoming more aware of how a simple hello can change somebody's life.

"We need to come together; I wish his mother would have reached out to me,” said one vigil attendee. “I spoke to her every day. ‘Miss Savage how are you today?’ We just don't know what a person is going through."

These neighbors will bond together and love one another through the pain.