The former DeWitt doctor whose murder conviction of his wife was overturned last summer will have his case heard by the state's highest court in the fall.

The New York State Court of Appeals said Monday it will begin hearing Robert Neulander's case September 5 to determine whether a conviction could be re-instated.

In 2015, a jury found Neulander guilty of murdering his wife, Leslie, back in 2012. Her death was initially ruled an accident caused by a fall in the shower. The case was reopened with Neulander was accused of killing her and trying to cover it up. He was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. The case was highlighted on national television with a profile on CBS' 48 Hours.

In June 2018, an appellate court ordered Neulander released and granted him a new trial after Neulander appealed when his attorney was informed that one juror failed to follow the judge's explicit instructions to not talk to anyone about the trial. 

A hearing revealed that juror 12, Johnna Lorraine, spoke with friends and family members about the trial through text message. One message from her father read, "Make sure he's guilty." Another message from a friend referred to Neulander as a "scary person."