Parents in the Watertown school district have a lot of questions about a controversial lesson plan for one fourth grade class.

They say a teacher at North Elementary recently had students take part in a mock slave auction, where black students were put into the role of slaves and white students were called “masters." At Tuesday night's board meeting, some parents were appalled, while others defended the teacher's intentions.

Spectrum News spoke with a professor of Inclusive Education who says teachers need to be better trained.

"I really wonder what her preparation was in terms of teaching about diversity,” said Syracuse University Professor of Inclusive Education Mara Sapon-Shevin. “What she did was a problem on so many levels. I really do appreciate that a teacher was trying to do something hands on, and participatory and interactive and not just give a worksheet but we do not reenact painful, oppressive events"

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation.  The school district has stated they will not be providing additional comments until the investigation has been completed.