The thousands of passengers traveling from Syracuse Hancock International Airport Thursday, consider themselves lucky.

"I feel really well, really good,” said passenger Jack Moreland.

Because they're just missing the incoming snow storm.

"Planes don't fly,” said Moreland. “I don't want to be stuck here in Syracuse."

Travelers trying to catch a plane this weekend may not be as lucky, since the region is expecting 12 to 20 inches of snow.

But, the airport's executive director says they are prepared to brave the storm.

"We staff our airfield maintenance division 24/7 during winter season,” said Christina Callahan. “We make sure our equipment is properly maintained. When it snows, we deploy our teams and they go out there and deal with it."

Callahan also says the airport is fully staffed, despite the government shutdown.

"TSA representatives are doing a tremendous job keeping us up-to-date every day, giving us updates,” said Callahan. “We have no seen any issues here with staffing."

No matter what's in store, passengers should arrive at least 90 minutes early.

"Check with the airline to check that your flight is still scheduled on time, that if you're picking someone up, you're getting here on time,” said Callahan.

Some of the airlines such as American, Frontier and United are also offering travel waivers ahead of the big storm.

"Airlines have done a really good job being proactive, reaching out to their customers, even canceling flights in advance if it's the right decision to make,” said Callahan.

But of course, travelers are praying for clear skies and a smooth landing.

"I just hope everyone has a safe trip,” said Moreland. “That's all you can hope for."