Another clash at a White House press conference, but this one ending with CNN's chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta losing his press pass.

President Donald Trump called him “the enemy of the people.”

"I do think they are trying to shut us down to some extent in the White House Press Corps,” said Acosta.

White House officials say Acosta placed his hands on an intern when she tried to take the microphone.

Acosta claimed it's a lie, and thanked everyone for their support.

"It's basically two egos,” said Suzanne Lysak, a Syracuse University Broadcast and Digital Journalism professor. “Two very aggressive personalities coming at each other and this is the result."

"An adversarial relationship between the President and their press corps is actually baked into our system,” said Olivier Knox, the White House Correspondents' Association president. “It's supposed to be that way, we're not supposed to be friends."

Media experts say situations like these aren't unprecedented.

"The Obama's administration’s attempts to exclude Fox from press conferences and a lot of media organizations opposed that, and the Obama administration backed down,” said Lysak.

But the Trump administration won’t budge.

"You can't restrict a reporter's access to a press room unless the reason is compelling,” said Lysak. “Just because you don't like his personality, his approach, the questions he's asking you, those are not compelling reasons to restrict him from doing his job."

And advocates say the people who lose out, are voters like you.

"The Federal government wields enormous power over people's daily's lives whether they realize it or not,” said Knox. “The founders in their wisdom understood the best way to hold a government to account was to provide for a free and independent news media that could act as the immune system of the republic."

"It's a real basic part of our democracy,” said Lysak. “It's why we have the First Amendment, why we guarantee the free press. We take it for granted, but we cant."

With the job of holding people accountable and informing the public.