It was a very special day for one Oswego County Army veteran and his family.

Home for Our Troops presented retired Army Specialist Ryan Wilcox and his family a new home in Mexico. The house was built specifically for Wilcox's needs.

Ten years ago, he was shot in the leg while deployed in Iraq and it had to be amputated. He has a prosthetic, but also uses a wheelchair if the pain gets too uncomfortable.

He says he is forever grateful for the home and what this means for his family.

"The home is so I can be able to go throughout the whole entire house, without any barriers,” said Wilcox. “It's all extra wide doors, all ADA size hallways so it lets me and my family all be able to be together throughout any part of the house. We have a two story house now and the kids are upstairs so it limits what I do with them upstairs."

This home is the 264th property built nationwide by this organization.