It's officially been 241 years since one of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolution.

The Battle of Oriskany lasted for six hours on August 6, 1777.

British forces along with their Mohawk and Seneca allies fought American militia forces and Oneida warriors led by General Herkimer.

Herkimer was trying to get to Fort Stanwix and did not succeed, but Americans did hold their ground.

It's seen as a significant battle in the war not just because of the major casualties, but because Native Americans in the Iroquois Confederacy did not keep peace with each other.

"This conflict that came into our homelands ripped at the way of life that we had enjoyed for countless generations prior. Yet today, we remain. Yet today, we remain resilient in our cause, in our effort, and in our relationships," said Oneida Nation Counsel Bear Clan Representative Brian Patterson.

"People who lived in the Mohawk Valley region were saying for years to come that they all knew somebody somewhere in their family who they lost in the Battle of Oriskany," said Park Ranger Erik Marcinik.

A commemorative event is held each year at the battlefield. You can learn more about the area's American Revolution history by visiting Fort Stanwix National Monument. The American Revolution Weekend event is taking place this Saturday.