The community got a glimpse into Herkimer County's history.

The public was invited to tour the old 1834 jail on Main Street in Herkimer Saturday. The building was used as the county jail until 1977.

Tour guides shared stories about two of its most infamous inmates, Chester Gillette and Roxalana Druse.

While this jail was built to last, historians say it is in need of some repairs.

"We're in the process of applying for a pretty large grant to keep this building going,” said Herkimer County Historian James Greiner. “It's in much need of repair. We have a mold issue in the basement, on the Church Street side the mortar is falling out and I've got birds nesting in the little cracks. And I'm not against birds, but I really want to preserve my building."

Historians say they're always looking for volunteers to help keep this piece of history maintained.