SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Suzanne Murphy, 73, enjoys a variety of activities when she visits PACE CNY.

"Play bingo, mingle with the other people, sit outside and enjoy outside,” said Murphy.

Seniors at PACE are sometimes taken outside to do daily exercises or simply to socialize.

But with older folks, there is a small risk when it's hot outside.

As we age, our bodies stop regulating the temperature as well as it used to.

"A person may not feel the warning signs coming on, that they need to drink more at that time. And as a result of that, they might end up being susceptible to heat-related events a lot easier as a result of that unfortunately,” said Christopher Norman, Loretto Geriatric nurse practitioner.

Like Suzanne, many of the seniors who spoke to Spectrum News at PACE CNY love to spend time outside. However, it's very important to keep them safe.

In most cases, the seniors are guided to shaded areas and are given all the water they need to stay hydrated.

In addition, when groups travel to places like the state fair or other outdoor functions, precautions are taken.

Regardless of your age, you can protect yourself from overheating.

"Always carry a bottle of water with you. Sometimes people find that a little cumbersome but even those tiny bottles of water are better than nothing and then you can find a place to re-fill them periodically,” said Norman. “Cool compresses. Cool, moist compresses to the neck and the back of the head also can go a long way as far as that's concerned."

As the summer continues, it's also a good idea to continuously check on seniors and make sure they're doing in the warm temperatures.

And if so, there's no reason people like Suzanne can't enjoy the great outdoors.

"I stay in the shade, I drink cold water, lots of water, and I just talk with other people,” said Murphy.