"Nothing is going to bring Bailey back. Nothing is going to bring Samra and Michael back and that's all we would want so we're just watching the process unfold, I guess," said Baylie Rose's step-mother, Gigi Meyers. 

It's been 137 days since Gigi Meyers' step-daughter Baylie Rose was killed in a car crash. Rose, along with boyfriend Michael Walker and friend Samra Osmanovic, were all in the same car when they were hit and killed by another driver. 

"It's been a busy day. It's really hard to decipher some of the legal things happening as the case goes on," said Meyers. 

Tuesday, that driver was in court again. Anthony Saccone faces charges including murder in the second-degree and "depraved indifference murder." His attorney filed a motion to have that charge dropped. 

Saccone is accused of driving 86 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone and going through a red light. Prosecutors say he was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

"It doesn't bring Michael back but it does help to know that justice is trying to work on our side," said Michael Walker's aunt, Somya Worley. 

The judge deciding to keep the charges in tact for Saccone, who is currently out on bail. And just this Fourth of July, a photo of Saccone with a beer in his hand made its rounds on social media. 

"I feel like every time we see it, it's a slap in our face. It's that he's throwing it in our face what he did to our loved ones and he's still out here walking around free. He feels like he's untouchable," said Worley.

"It's just a little harder on our side, knowing that there's a piece of our family that's gone and can't enjoy any small moment, let alone holidays. It's one of those issues that we didn't really take a stance but we're not unhappy to see it's handed down that way," said Meyers. 

At Tuesday's appearance, the judge ordered that he not engage in public intoxication and he will now be drug and alcohol tested every thirty days. His trial is scheduled for October.