Wednesday President Donald Trump signed an executive order to stop the practice of separating migrant families at the border after nationwide outrage. Now, children will remain with their parents while detained. But the administration began prosecuting all migrants crossing in April, leaving thousand of children currently separated from their families. 

Come Thursday, people across the country continue protesting. Right here in Central New York, dozens gathered to pray. 

"Let's look to God for strength, look to each other for resources and see how we can be in solidarity for those who are suffering," said Bishop Prince Singh of Episcopal Diocese of Rochester.

Parishioners filled the Christ Episcopal church in Manilus, praying for family unity. Bishop Dede Duncan-Probe invited Rochester Bishop Prince Singh. For him the service is personal.

"A deep sense of empathy for people who have the same color skin I share. It is traumatizing to feel a sense of helplessness for families that are separated," said Bishop Singh.

The bishop hopes faith will help bring what he calls clarity. 

"To me this is a galvanizing moment to come together to say, nobody's human rights should be threatened. Even if there are temporary fixes in place, I believe it's a call for us as citizens of this country to be vigilant that we don't allow any other human being and their right to be a human being in this country to be threatened," said Bishop Singh.