SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Vice President Mike Pence's first stop of the day during his visit in Central New York was a fundraiser for Congressman Katko in Syracuse.

While it may have been cheers inside, Vice President Mike Pence was welcomed by jeers outside.

More than 300 protesters showed up upon his arrival in Syracuse Tuesday, chanting and holding signs with a clear message – immigration.



Most wanted to voice their opposition to the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration.

They’re looking to find freedom. Our doors have always been open for that. What about our Statue of Liberty?” asked Carol Simpson, a protester. 



Protesters also showed concern with what some have been calling family separation at the border.

"When they’re messing with young children -- that is enough. I was a pre-kindergarten teacher for 45 years in the Syracuse City School District. You do not treat children like that. Our county should not treat children like that,” Simpson said.

And while there was vocal opposition, there were a few, showing their support for the president’s tough stance on immigration.

“Illegal immigration is exactly that -- illegal immigration. If we had stricter policies with the presidents beforehand we wouldn’t be in this predicament now,” said Victor Fesinger, a supporter. “Whether you’re a good mother or father or not. If you break the law you break the law.”



Congressman John Katko released a statement on the issue Monday, saying in part, “they need to keep the borders secure but in a humane way.”

It is a topic Katko's challengers are hoping becomes a major factor in the upcoming race.