The first step for families looking for justice is now complete.

One of the owners of the former 'James Square' nursing home settled its portion of a class action lawsuit. 

Wednesday, an Onondaga County State Supreme Court judge approved the settlement.

James Square is now known as Bishop Rehabilitation and Nursing Center after Clinton Square Operations took over in December.

They have agreed to pay $495,000 to those listed in the suit. 

Plaintiffs claimed patients weren't properly fed or cleaned and the condition of the home was horrible. 

To fix those issues the current owners say 250 new employees have been hired and home is meeting service quality benchmarks.

Family members are hopeful for a fair process moving forward. 

"That's great. I think that's going to work out great for everybody. I think everybody will be happy with the outcome. He seems like he's going to be fair for everybody," said Gene Luteran, Plaintiff's husband.

The lawsuit now continues.

There are multiple owners listed in the 'James Square' suit.