One of Syracuse's oldest surviving World War 2 veterans is being honored in a unique way.

The Onondaga Historical Association opened up an exhibit on the life of Salt City native, Don Waful.

The 102-year-old reflected on his life Wednesday, from his time serving our country to how he found the love of his life.

Waful says he met his wife Olga while serving in Northern Ireland, where she was a young army nurse.

Shortly after proposing, he shipped out to North Africa, where he and his platoon were captured. For about three years, he was kept in Africa as a POW and then moved to Poland during that time.

After finally being released, he eventually found Olga with the help of the Red Cross. They were married a few days later, but he says it wasn't easy to bring her back to the U.S.

"They were happy to get rid of me but they would not let that girl come back with me, even though she had been there three years,” said Waful. “Why I don't know. So I had to come home by myself. When they were good and ready about four months later, they turned her loose and let her come back to the states and we were able to start a family life together."

He and Olga spent 53-years together. His exhibit will be open through November.