Congresswoman Claudia Tenney answered questions from constituents during a telephone town hall on Wednesday.

People across the 22nd District called in and asked their representative about different issues.

They discussed illegal voting, political corruption, the future of milk prices, and property taxes among other issues.

The Congresswoman was also critical of President Trump, saying she disagrees with some of his budget proposals and some of the things he says.

However she believes he wants to help this region, and overall believes others, including democrats, support a lot of his policies.

Tenney also commented on Democrat Conor Lamb's win in Pennsylvania's special election. She said, "Basically ran as a Republican. He ran on President Trump's agenda. He never once criticized the President. [He] supported tax reform, supported a lot of the President's agenda on trade, claimed he was pro-gun, pro-fracking, pro-life, mostly."

Assemblyman and Democrat Anthony Brindisi is challenging Tenney for her seat in the upcoming election.

His campaign manager criticized Tenney, saying, "If she really wanted to hear what people think, she would have more than one meeting a year, and it would be convenient for the people she represents."