NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. --Plows from state and local highway departments certainly have been busy with all this snowfall. 

If you've been out driving on highways like Interstate 81, you may have noticed multiple plows traveling in tandum around 35 miles per hour. 

Members of the State D.O.T. said that method is called Echelon plowing, which allows multiple interstate lanes to be cleaned at the same time. 

At times it may become frustrating to drivers who aren't able to pass in that situation. 

But, officials said the method is the best way to keep the roads clean. 

"It does require the traffic to be behind but again, what that prevents is the snow being pushed back and forth between lanes as traffic hits it so if we clear it all at once, it's much more efficient for us and the traveling public," said New York State Department of Transportation Region 3 Director David Smith.  

Smith said despite the persistant snowfall, warmer temperatures Friday were helping crews to keep the roads clean with salt and brine.