HERKIMER, N.Y. -- It's the latest step in Herkimer County's efforts to construct a new jail.

Leaders have been eyeing the former P&C site on Route 28 in Herkimer for several years. Thursday, the county legislature voted to authorize accepting the property owner's offer.

The county attorney says that offer is actually to accept the county's appraised price, plus environmental expenses, for the property. It would be an advanced payment in return for the deed.

The county attorney says this is not finalized and many things are still up in the air, but some in the County see this as a step forward for the project.

"We were moving forward steadily, but there have been ongoing discussions and as a result of the discussions, we're at least able to take this step, which is a good one hopefully for all involved," said Herkimer County Attorney Robert Malone.

The county's appraised price for the site is $584,000, aside from environmental remediation costs. The county attorney expects more litigation over the site's value.