It's the number that has people across the country talking -- $1.5 billion. Wednesday night's Powerball drawing will determine who, if anyone, will win that lottery.

"I don't even know if I could even dream enough to spend that much money, to be honest," said Copenhagen resident Allison London.

Many people are dreaming big, but according to experts, it's more likely to stay a dream than become reality.

"If you’re playing the lottery, you’re doing it more for the enjoyment than the expectation of winning, since you never really win," said Syracuse University Mathematics Professor Steven Diaz.

The odds of a jackpot winning ticket are slim -- one in 292 million. Even if the chances aren't high, that's not stopping people from feeling lucky.

"We always have that dollar and a dream. This time, two dollars and a dream," said Rutland resident Lucy Moyer. "I always feel lucky."

For those that don't want to rely on luck, though, there may be a better way to use those few dollars instead of buying tickets.

"Four dollars a week, that’s $200 a year. If you play the lottery for five years, that’s $1,000. If you put it into the bank, you could probably get some interest," said Diaz.

However, with more than a billion dollars on the line, people are still taking the chance that spending a couple bucks will lead to something monumentally greater. As a lump sum payment, the $1.5 billion Powerball has a $930 million cash value.