New York state is one week into the plastic ban and remembering to bring a bag when you leave the house might take some getting used to, but members of Syracuse's Mainstream Green say if you have old clothes, you have a new shopping bag.

They tell us after oil, gas and transportation, the textile industry is the most carbon intense industry. By sewing old sweatshirts, pillow cases and tank tops together you can save your money and save the planet.

"It doesn't take any new fabric being created. It doesn't take any new resources of thigns that have to grow or things that have to be mixed together chermically. It's there already. It's better to use what exists already than to have to make more all the time," said Dana Johnston, member of Mainstream Green. 

If you're interested, but need some help getting started, the Whitebranch Library hosts a free Saturday Sewing Workshop.

And Onondaga County Libraries have maker spaces where they provide the equipment.