A local man says he tried to show his manager a video of employees mishandling food and he claims it got him fired.

"Like 400 wings dropped on the ground. They're like nah I'm going to pick these up and use them. So they picked them up washed them used them, fried them," said former employee Matthew Grady. 

Grady is explaining what he says happened during his shift at Key Pizza. In a video he recorded, he says you can hear employees agreeing to use the wings, despite the dirt that can be seen on them.

Key Pizza Owner Sarfraz Mann says this is not the way he runs his business. 

"I would've made them throw them away,” Mann said. “He could've been handled a better way, but it wasn't because they were doing their thing."

Mann says his business has a good record with great service to the community for the past seven years. 

"We treat them good; have the quality, the service, the sanitization,” said Mann. “The city inspector is passing us so there's nothing else to say from anyone."

But employees say the spilled wings are not the only sanitation concern. They say the video also shows a tray used to stretch pizza dough sitting on top of a trash can. 

"Chicken sitting there for hours until somebody comes with a big order,” said Grady. “If you walk back there, and I have good boots, I'll be slipping and sliding like an ice rink in there."

The owner says he has strict guidelines on how his business should operate, that employees don't always follow. He says the issue comes when they get busy. 

"There's no violations,” said Mann. “When you got 20 tickets going, when you're running on, that's when you get caught." 

The business is regulated by the State Department of Agriculture and Markets. That department tells Spectrum News they've regularly visited the pizzeria since it's opening in 2013. They say they visited Friday and no critical violations were found.