CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. — Jordan Schneider grew up in the Manchester community. Now as director of the Red Jacket Library, she wants to support that community. 

"We had some patrons in here who expressed a need," said Schneider. 

That’s where the Great Give Back comes in. Each fall, more than 100 libraries across New York state join The Great Give Back. 

People donate food, toiletries and clothing to their local library. The library donates the items to different organizations. 

“We have a sign that says take what you need and give what you can," said Schneider about her library. 

Suzanne Macaulay coordinates The Great Give Back for libraries in Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming and Livingston counties.

“It's just feel good that we're all helping each other. We're taking care of each other," said Macaulay. "The library is that space in the community where people can go and find care and comfort and support.”

Macaulay reached out to the staff at the Red Jacket Library three years ago, asking them to get involved in The Great Give Back for the first time. 

Schneider saw the continued need for these items in her community and created a permanent pantry for those who need it. 

"In an area where you can take what you need, no pressure and no judgment," said Schneider. “As you can see it’s a little low now but the great give back is an opportunity to replenish.”

Over 25,000 items were donated to The Great Give Back last year.

The Red Jacket and other libraries across the state have no plans on slowing down this year.