A Utica man has been found guilty on two charges of making a terroristic threat.

Jurors found 23-year-old Fahrudic Omerovic made threatening phone calls against Utica College last March.

It only took them about an hour to reach a verdict Tuesday afternoon.

His trial lasted more than a week with police, students, staff, doctors, Omerovic's parents, and the defendant himself taking the stand.

The calls made on March 5 sent the college into a campus-wide lockdown for several hours, with many fearing there may be an active shooter on campus.

The defense claimed Omerovic was under the influence of Adderall.

Prosecutors hope this sends a message.

"The District Attorney's office wants to make it very clear that threatening a school with something like this, where you're going to pretend to be active shooter, it's not going to be tolerated," said prosecuting attorney Grant Garramone.

"I hope they recognize that he has his problems and he is troubled, and that he never intended to harm or scare anybody and he had no means to do it," said defense attorney John Raspante.

Raspante said Omerovic faces between two and 14 years behind bars. Omerovic is scheduled to be sentenced January 29.