The man accused of making threatening phone calls against Utica College took the stand in his defense.

Fahrudin Omerovic answered questions from attorneys from both sides on Monday. He's accused of making calls leading to a college-wide lockdown in March.

The defense previously said Omerovic was under the influence of Adderall. Omerovic said he got it from a dealer.

Omerovic was asked questions about the police interview, and events arising from the phone calls. Many times, he said he didn't remember.

Prosecutor Grant Garramone asked, "You could go to state prison for 14 years. You don't think that's a stressful thing?"

"I believe it's more stressful to the fact, which I allured to earlier, that I don't remember doing this. That's more stressful and harmful to me than the consequences of it," Omerovic said.

Several witnesses have said Omerovic did not seem like he was on drugs when they interacted with him.

The trial continues Tuesday.