SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Police say a family member of Syracuse's Fitch Street fire victims has been arrested for robbery.

Police say a victim was physically attacked by two acquaintances on the 1000 block of North Salina Street around 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

They were identified as 25-year-olds Minnie DuBois and Luis Rosa, both of Bellevue Avenue.

DuBois allegedly took the victim's property and pulled out a knife, threatening him.

The suspects then got into a vehicle and drove away.

DuBois and Rosa were taken into custody without incident.

Both DuBois and Rosa are charged with first-degree robbery and harassment.

Four of DuBois' family members were killed in a fire on Fitch Street earlier this month.

Another family member, Charles DuBois, is accused of intentionally setting that fire. He faces four counts of second-degree murder.