Planet Fitness is pushing for its larger gyms to stay open after looking at recent COVID-19 statistics.

The company says there have been more than 4.3 million Planet Fitness member check-ins in New York state since gyms reopened.

The company says it was notified of 55 COVID-19 cases, but there is no indication those cases were contracted at one of its fitness centers.

It also says its gyms have had zero health department violations. In areas where gyms are allowed to be open, Planet Fitness says there is social distancing, mask requirements, and extensive cleaning measures.

David Humphrey, the CEO of a franchisee in the Planet Fitness system, which has 38 clubs in Upstate New York, said gyms are taking the pandemic very seriously and remain cautious.

He says it's important for people to have a safe place to work out and keep healthy habits during the pandemic.

"Candidly the whole reason we exist is to help people be healthy, and there are millions of New Yorkers that struggle with the consequences of being overweight, diabetes, heart attack, stroke,” he said. “People can get out, get exercise, and boost their immune system. That's what people need to be doing. It's the worst possible time to shut down gyms in that respect."

Planet Fitness has a crowd meter on its app that allows members to decide the best time to visit.

The CDC recommends social distancing, extensive cleaning measures, equipment sanitation, mask use, proper ventilation, capacity limits, and hand washing stations. Ultimately, the CDC says gyms should follow state guidelines.