Madison County Chairman John M. Becker signed a Local Emergency Order on Saturday allowing any restaurant capable of outdoor seating to begin doing so immediately. 

Any restaurants choosing to provide outdoor seating must adhere to social distancing guidlines for tables, provide face coverings for employees, and maintain cleaning guidelines. 

What You Need To Know

  • Madison County restaurants may begin outdoor seating

  • Restaurants must adhere to social distancing and cleanliness standards

  • Order over rights temporarily any existing ordinances or permits for outdoor seating

“It is time to allow our restaurants to open and begin serving customers,” said Chairman Becker. “Our neighbors and Central New York partners in Onondaga County signed this order yesterday, since we share patrons it only makes sense to do it here also in Madison County. This allows for our local restaurants, who may not have had outdoor dining to begin serving customers and bringing in much needed revenue. Our community and small businesses are struggling. We are doing what we can to make sure they can survive this shutdown.”

The new order temporarily suspends and/or modifies any ordinance, resolution, or permit requirement pertaining to outdoor seating throughout Madison County.  

For more information, go to Madison County's website here, or call 315-366-2770.