New York is one of the last states to equip their state troopers with body cameras.

A nationwide survey conducted by the Associated Press found that the New York State Police are the largest primary state law enforcement agency not equipped with cameras. But the New York State Police decided just recently to work on launching a pilot program that will look at equipping some troopers with the cameras.

They still have yet to disclose the details or how much this will cost.

The State Trooper Union says that while they are not opposed to body cameras, they are worried about the money it will take to launch this program.

"If we see it within the next year or so, so be it. But I hope the Legislature does come up with the funding necessary for the cameras," said New York State Trooper PBA President Thomas Mungeer.

The Trooper PBA estimates that purchasing and storing body cameras for all of the state troopers will cost around $15 million every year. The Attorney General's Office has been putting pressure on the department to start wearing body cameras.

This pilot program will most likely be launched before the end of the year.